ASME B89.7.1-2016

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Guidelines for Addressing Measurement Uncertainty in the Development and Application of ASME B89 Standards
standard by ASME International, 05/31/2016



This Technical Report provides recommendations associatedwith addressing measurement uncertainty anddirection in the application of the existing ASME B89.7series of uncertainty-related standards and technicalreports. This Technical Report also provides general principlesand recommendations regarding measurementuncertainty and its documentation for use in the developmentof ASME B89 standards and technical reports.This Technical Report does not cover methods to beused in the estimation of measurement uncertainty. Toachieve these objectives, this Technical Report

(a) outlines guidelines for documenting measurementuncertainty in ASME B89 standards and technical reports
(b) defines general calibration and verification testingprinciples, terms, and concepts for use in dimensionalmetrology
(c) discusses general topics associated with addressingmeasurement uncertainty, such as operating conditions,conformance testing, decision rules, and traceability

This Technical Report takes advantage of the technicalcontent developed in other ASME B89.7 standards andtechnical reports, whenever possible. That technicalcontent is referenced, but not repeated, in thisTechnical Report.

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